Welcome to Ocean Three. Customers can apply Ocean Card in our shop. This is an assembly of stored-value card and discount shopping multi functional VIP card. In order to bring more benefits you enjoy a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.

Offer 1
For the first time $2000 deposit, you can exempt the application fee of Ocean Card.

Offer 2
Pay $100 for the Ocean Card and top up the Ocean Card according to your own needs.
Value-Added Packages
Customers can add value to their needs every time, select $500 / $1000 / $2000 three refill amount.

Top up $500
Top up $500 to your Ocean Card

Top up $1000
Top up $1000 to your Ocean Card and you may purchase a one-time special offer per top-up transaction.

Top up $2000
Top up $2000 to your Ocean Card and you may purchase a one-time special offer per top-up transaction.
Shopping Deals

5% Off Discount
After the successful application Ocean Card, every time you use this card spending over $300, you`ll enjoy regular priced items 5% off discount.

Exclusive Offer
Enjoy monthly exclusive offer for member of the Ocean Card

Birthday Special Offer

The card owner may enjoy a 10% off discount on the purchasing of regular-priced items at the retail shops within their birthday week (Birthday, before and after 3 days of birthday, 7days in total)

(E.G HENRY LEE’s Birthday is on 10th December, then he enjoys a 10% off discount from 7th  December to 13th  December.)

Terms and Conditions

* Ocean Card applies to physical stores purchase only

* The applicants must show their Original Ocean Card to enjoy the membership discount when they purchase at Ocean Three.

* The Card deposit and discounts can be used on self-pick up order.

* The applicant have to notify us and re- submit "Ocean Card Application Form" when the Ocean Card is lost, the card owner would be subjected $100 as the administrative costs. Ocean Three will inform the card owner once the replacement is ready, the process would take 5-7 working days.

* To cancel the Ocean Card service, the remain balance will not be refunded immediately,  the card owner needs to submit the "Ocean Card Cancellation Request Form" and $200 for administrative costs, Ocean Card must be held not less than 30 days before cancellation request.

* Each applicant contains one Ocean Card account only.

* For Refund: The remain balance would be bank transferred to the card owner within 5-7 business days.

* If the Ocean Card, is lost, please call 3421 0103 to notify our staff to suspend the card immediately. Otherwise, all responsibility has nothing to do with Ocean Three.

* To suspend or resume the ocean card, the applicant have to contact us and provide card owner’s name, phone number, address for identity verification.

* Ocean Card Rewards and rebate apply to physical stores only.

* All the information provided from the applicant (application form, copies of any personal data, etc.) , is for Ocean Card applications and audit only, all information is confidential. (The administrative fee will not be refunded)

* All the orders which were paid by the Ocean Card, those are non- refundable for cash. Please no hesitate to contact us if there are any problems on our goods or service, we will arrange for a replacement or supplement.

-In any circumstances, OCEAN THREE reserves the right of final decision-