Welcome to Ocean Three. Customers can apply Ocean Card in our shop. This is an assembly of stored-value card and discount shopping multi functional VIP card. In order to bring more benefits you enjoy a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.

Offer 1
First stored value $2000, you can apply for an Ocean Card for free.

Offer 2
Pay $100 for the Ocean Card and top up the Ocean Card according to your own needs..
Value-Added Packages
Guests can add value to their needs every time, select $500 / $1000 / $2000 three refill amount, and the value-added packages have three different prepaid rebate.

Top up $500 to your Ocean Card.

Top up $1000 to your Ocean Card and you may purchase a one-time special offer per top-up transaction.

Top up $2000 to your Ocean Card and you may purchase a one-time special offer per top-up transaction.
Shopping Deals

5% OFF
After the successful application Ocean Card, every time you use this card spending over $300, you'll enjoy regular priced items 5% off discount.
Exclusive Offer
Enjoy monthly exclusive offer for member of the Ocean Card

Birthday Special Offer
The register person of the Ocean Card can enjoy a 10% off discount on the purchase of regular-priced items at the retail shop 3 days before and after the birthday.
Tarms and Conditions

* OCEAN CARD OCEAN THREE applies only to the use of shopping outlets.

* Each time you use Ocean Card must be presented to the register.

* When the phone or online orders in store pick up, Ocean Card may also be entitled to deduct the cost of orders and discounts.

* If you lose Ocean Card, must immediately notify the Company and re- submit "Ocean Card Application Form" and $100 for administrative costs. The Company will be 5-7 working days after notification Guests replacement Ocean Card.

* To cancel Ocean Card service, the remaining amount of the card will not be refunded. For guests to reclaim the remaining amount of the card, should complete the "Ocean Card Cancellation Request Form" and pay $200 for administrative costs, and Ocean Card must be held not less than 30 days before refund formalities.

* Any future beneath the card, please call 34210103 immediately notify our staff to suspend the card. Otherwise, all responsibility has nothing to do with the company.

* If necessary, suspend or re-open the card, the applicant must contact our staff and provide their name, phone number, address for identity verification.

* Ocean Card Rewards and rebate applies only to store shopping or appreciation.

* Fill in all the information on the application form, only used Ocean Card applications and data for audit purposes, all information is confidential. (Relating to administrative formalities fee will not be refunded)
Refund Policy: We will 5-7 working days remaining amount through bank transfer within the Ocean Card returned.

* All orders using the Ocean Card shopping, are non- refundable for cash. If the goods have any questions may contact the staff, the company will arrange for a replacement or supplement the difference between the replacements of other goods discretion under the circumstances.

-In case of any dispute, OCEAN THREE reserves the right of final decision-