Oyster Tasting
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Process of oyster shucking:
Have no idea how to deal with fresh oysters?!
Follow the steps here!
Step 1:
Shuck the oysters with oyster knife Insert the oyster knife into the hinge, twist the knife when half of the knife stays inside, and you should feel the hinge pop afterwards.
Our oysters are imported directly from the place of origin, which do not contain any secondary handling process to maintain the freshness.
It is normal to find microorganism or parasitic living things from natural goods.
Step 2:
Shuck the oysters with oyster knife Insert the oyster knife into the hinge, twist the knife when half of the knife stays inside, and you should feel the hinge pop afterwards.
Check and remove the oyster shells or grit by the knife instead of cleaning the oysters with water which will destroy the natural flavor of them.
Step 3:
After oyster shucking Check and remove the oyster shells or grit by the knife before enjoying them or place them on a bed of ice before serving.
The water inside is sea water which should be enjoyed with the oyster meat to consume the most original taste instead of pouring away.
Oysters from different countries and seas have different tastes and texture. The sequence of consuming different types of oyster matters a lot if you would like to enjoy them with the best quality. Matching with white wine can boost the flavor too.
Ways to taste oysters
■ Sequence of tasting oyster
Traditionally, we taste oysters from light to heavy flavors. In general, the sequence will be American, Japanese, Mexican, Australian, New Zealand, Namibia, British, Irish, Scottish, Holland and French oysters.
■ Oyster tasting
Most of the people love sucking in the entire piece of oyster meat without any seasoning. In case, very few drops of lemon juice and pepper contributes much to boost the flavor. For rookies, you can add some cocktail sauce, lemon juice or red wine vinegar to have your first try.
■ Wine matching
Dry white wine is more suitable to enjoy with oysters with heavy mineral or sea water flavor, while fruity and sweet white wine fits creamy and plump oysters.
Nutrient value
Oyster is a valuable and healthy seafood which helps prevent cancers, contains cosmetology function, cures hepatic illnesses, eases problem of dizziness, restless and insomnia.
Oyster contains large amount of proteins, amino acids, taurine, glutathione, vitamin A, B1, B2, D, E, fucose, copper, manganese, barium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron oxide, organic substances, which help restrain streptococcus, flu virus and poliovirus.
Calcium in oysters help smoothen our skin and copper helps brighten our skin color.
Potassium cures acnes and prevents dryness, vitamins brighten our skin and control secretion of grease too.
Oysters have 18 amino acids
Immunity will be raised as amino acids include liver glycogen, vitamin Bs, taurine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and so on. Taurine helps lower blood lipids and blood pressure.
Oyster represents “Love” in ancient Greek. From Chinese Medicine perspective, oysters help secrete extra water, good for lungs and kidneys. From western doctors’, oyster is one of the natural food that contains lots of zinc (100mg out of 100g of oyster meat), you can get sufficient if you intake 2-3 daily. Zinc is typically good for male's reproductive system. Number of sperm is found decreasing in the recent 50 years that consuming oysters would obviously be the best solution to strengthen the system.
How to keep oysters?
Storage the oysters within 0-4 degrees in the refrigerator with a little of clear water. Unwashed oysters can be kept in the refrigerator. Fresh oysters should be eaten as soon as possible.
Oysters cannot be kept above 4 or below 0 degrees Celsius. Bacteria increases in the former environment or the meat will rot even, while oysters will freeze to death in the latter one. They should be stored separated from other foods too.
Professional Critic
    In general, oysters from the US, Mexico, Australia etc.
    have lighter tastes unlike French oysters.
Strong oyster flavor may not necessary lead to strong taste     
of sea water Oyster flavor includes the taste of minerals,     
which determines the duration of the after taste     
We should taste oysters from light to strong oyster flavor
(Sequence Suggestion)

01. Kumamoto (U.S.)

02.  Japan Hokkaido Oyster

03.  Tasmanian (AUS)

04.  Coffin Bay (AUS)

05.  Smoky Bay (AUS)

06.  Namibia (South Africa)

07.  Irish Rock (Ireland)

08.  Normandy (France)

09.  Legris (France)

10.  La Reserve (France)

11. La Jolie Mauger (France)

12.  Utah Beach (France)

13.  Special Lambert Oyster (France)

14.  Isabella (France)

15.  Fine de Bretagne (France)

16.  L'emeraude (France)

17.  Fleur Des Eaux (France)

18.  KYS Marine (France)

19.  Speciales La Maison (France)

20.  Geay (France)

21. Royale Cabanon (France)

22.  Fine de Ronce (France)

23.  Speciales White Foam (France)

24.  Isigny (France)

25.  Mermaid Oyster (France)

26.  Tsarskaya (France)

27.  Ostra Regal (Ireland)

28.  Majestic (Ireland)

29.  Speciales Sea Princess (France)

30.  White Angel (France)

31. Pousse en Claire (France)

32.  White Pearl (France)

33.  Speciale Gilles Masse (France)

34.  Pinky Oyster (France)

35.  Gillardeau (France)

36.  Belon OOOO (France)